Spotfire File Nodes

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To use this feature in KNIME, install Spotfire File Nodes from the following update site:


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TIBCO Spotfire File Nodes Including: Spotfire file writer node for SBDF (Spotfire Binary Data Format) files and STDF (Spotfire Text Data Format) files. Spotfire file reader node for SBDF (Spotfire Binary Data Format) files. Spotfire Information Link reader node for reading data from Spotfire Information Links. Changelog: 2016-07-13: Updated to work with Spotfire 7.5 and above - new CSRF protection features 2017-01-27: Cleanup of dependencies; some bug fixes Author: Andrew Berridge, TIBCO Software Inc. 2018-11-27: Fixes for security enhancements in Spotfire server 2017-08-11: Bug fixes for library upload and download functionality 2018-02-23: Further fixes for library upload for SBDF 2018-11-26: Improvements for latest security enhancements in Spotfire server 2019-10-07: Bug fixes in all nodes; info link reader updated for latest APIs 2020-06-10: Latest bug fixes for Information Link parameters


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