TIBCO Spotfire Information Link Reader

This node reads data from a Spotfire Information Link. It connects to the Spotfire server and takes user credentials and a path to the information link. Updates:
December 2023: Updated to work with KNIME 5.1 and later. Updated to work with Spotfire 12.x and 14.x
September 2022: Updated to work with KNIME 4.6 and later. Many, many bug fixes. IMPORTANT NOTE: May no longer work without valid certificate over https...
See: https://community.tibco.com/s/article/knime for details
February 2020: Better logging for https communication, various bug fixes, ability to ignore SSL certificate errors
October 2019 - Rewritten for latest server APIs. Parameters passed via workflow variables - may not be compatible with previous versions
November 2018 - Fixes for latest security enhancements for the Spotfire server. Tested with Spotfire X
February 2017 - Updated to work with Spotfire Version 7.5 and above, many bug fixes



Web Server URL
This must be the URL of the Spotfire server in the form: http(s)://spotfireserver:port/spotfire
Information Link Library Path
The fully qualified path to the Information Link in the Spotfire library. Must have a leading / (forward slash) and MUST be correctly spelled. It is CASE SENSITIVE!

Advanced Options

short name of first advanced option (like in the dialog)
description of first advanced option

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Data from the Information Link...


Default view (empty)...


  • No workflows found



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