Send Keys

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

Simulates typing into a WebElement which accepts text. You can send special keys using belows’s code. Just copy the “representation” into the input. The “Null” key as used as termination for sending sequences; e.g. to send Ctrl+A, enter \uE009a\uE000.

Key Representation
Null \uE000
Cancel \uE001
Help \uE002
Backspace \uE003
Tab \uE004
Clear \uE005
Return \uE006
Enter \uE007
Shift \uE008
Control \uE009
Alt \uE00A
Pause \uE00B
Escape \uE00C
Space \uE00D
Page Up \uE00E
Page Down \uE00F
End \uE010
Home \uE011
Arrow Left \uE012
Arrow Up \uE013
Arrow Right \uE014
Arrow Down \uE015
Insert \uE016
Delete \uE017
Semicolon \uE018
Equals \uE019
Numpad 0 \uE01A
Numpad 1 \uE01B
Numpad 2 \uE01C
Numpad 3 \uE01D
Numpad 4 \uE01E
Numpad 5 \uE01F
Numpad 6 \uE020
Numpad 7 \uE021
Numpad 8 \uE022
Numpad 9 \uE023
Numpad Multiply \uE024
Numpad Add \uE025
Numpad Separator \uE026
Numpad Subtract \uE027
Numpad Decimal \uE028
Numpad Divide \uE029
F1 \uE031
F2 \uE032
F3 \uE033
F4 \uE034
F5 \uE035
F6 \uE036
F7 \uE037
F8 \uE038
F9 \uE039
F10 \uE03A
F11 \uE03B
F12 \uE03C
Meta / Command \uE03D
Zenkaku / Hankaku \uE040


Input column which provides the WebElement(s)
Remove input column
Removes the input column from the result table
The text to send

Input Ports

Table with a column providing WebElements to which to send keys

Output Ports

Same as input table


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