This node allows interacting with JavaScript-based alert, confirm, and prompt dialog boxes. When a WebBrowser shows a dialog, these can be dismissed or confirmed. Further, it allows to extract a dialog’s text and send keyboard input to the dialog. The node assumes, that a dialog box is currently shown in the browser window.

Important: This node does not work with headless browsers (PhantomJS, HtmlUnit, headless Chrome). In case you want to influence the page’s dialog behavior when running headless browsers, you can directly modify the window.alert, window.confirm, or window.prompt functions using an Execute JavaScript node, which needs to be placed at a point in the workflow, before the dialog is actually shown. The following code snippet gives a simple example how to globally override the default behavior:

window.alert = function() {
   // do nothing
window.confirm = function() {
  return true; // simulate, that all 'confirm' dialogs are closed via 'OK' button
window.prompt = function() {
  return 'dummy text'; // simulate, that the given string is entered into all 'prompt' dialogs

Important: This node cannot be used for HTTP authentication dialogs, as these cannot be controlled through JavaScript resp. Selenium. In case you need to authenticate this way, you can send the credentials directly through the “Navigate” node. Add username and password to your URL like this: (works with Chrome-based browsers and Firefox)


WebDriver input
Input column which provides the WebDriver(s)
Close the dialog by clicking the “Cancel” button.
Close the dialog by clicking the “OK” button.
Append column with text
Extract the dialog’s message and append it as text column.
Send keys
The text to send to the dialog (in case it is a “prompt” dialog).

Input Ports

Table with a column providing a WebDriver with an open alert, confirm, or prompt box.

Output Ports

Same as input table, and appended text column in case the “Append column with text option was selected.


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