Multipart Encoded HTTP Entity Creator

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Combines string and/or binary data to an HTTP multipart/form-data encoded request. The output is a binary cell which contains the combined multipart data and which then can be sent by the “HTTP Retriever” node.

Important: This node creates a dynamic boundary string, e.g. --xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo_1512650655272. This string is appended as separate column to the output table which contains the entity’s content type, and as a flow varaible. This very string needs to be selected in the HTTP Retriever’s “HTTP entity content type” setting. We recommend to connect a “Table Row to Variable” node to this node’s out port, which gets connected to the HTTP Retriever, where you select content type through the flow variable configuration.


Input column
Name of the columns with string or binary data.
Content type
The content type of the current part, e.g. text/plain or image/gif
The name of the current part
File name (*)
File name for the current part
Name of appended entity column
The name of the added column which contains the multipart data

Input Ports

Table with cells representing the individual parts.

Output Ports

Table with appended HTTP entity and content type column which are created from the selected part columns in the input table.


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