BERT Classification Learner

Trains a text classification model on top of the provided BERT model. The model is extended with 3 layers:
  • GlobalAveragePooling1D layer
  • Dropout layer
  • Dense layer

Besides the typical classification task where every row is assigned a single class it is also possible to train a model for multi-label classification where a row can be assigned multiple labels.

If a validation table is provided, then the model performance is evaluated on that data after every epoch.



Sentence column
A column with plain text (String) or Documents, that contains text to be classified. No special pre-processing is needed.
Class column
A column that contains class labels.
Max sequence length
The maximum length of a sequence after tokenization. The upper limit is 512.
Multi-label classification
Enables multi-label classification mode. In this mode multiple labels (classes) can be assigned to each text.
Class separator
The character used to separate different classes assigned to a given text in multi-label classification mode.


Number of epochs
The number of epochs used for training the classifier.
Batch size
The size of a chunk of the input data used for model update.
Validation batch size
The size of a chunk of the validation data to process.
Fine tune BERT
If checked then the weights of the BERT model will be trained along with the additional classifier. Fine-tuning BERT will be more resource and time intensive, but the results are usually better.
Available optimizers and their configuration.


Select one of the Python execution environment options:
  • use default Python environment for the Redfield BERT Nodes (can be configured on the preference page)
  • use Conda environment from a Conda flow variable (only selectable if such a flow variable is available)

Input Ports

BERT Model
Data Table
Optional Validation Table

Output Ports

BERT Classifier model
Statistics of the training process


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