RDKit Molecule Highlighting

Creates an SVG column showing a molecule with highlighted atoms and bonds based on information in the input table. A molecule column as well as column(s) with a list of the atom and/or bond indexes to be highlighted needs to be provided. The node lets the user define colors to be applied for the highlighting. If highlighting definitions overlap (e.g. atom indexes in definition 1 is 1,2,3 and in definition 2 is 3,4,5) the highlighting of the first definition will be applied (e.g to atom 3) with the color it defined.


RDKit Mol column
The input column with RDKit Molecules.
Column name for molecule with highlighting
The name of the new column, which will contain the result.


Flag to activate the highlighting defined in the table row.
Determines, if the indexes are atoms or bonds.
Column with indexes
Select the column here that contains atom or bond indexes.
Pick a special color for highlighting. Use the default color to let RDKit decide.
Flag to tell if bonds between two highlighted atoms or atoms around a highlighted bond shall also be highlighted with the same color. This is mainly interesting when highlighting substructures based on atom lists.

Input Ports

Table with an RDKit Molecules and list(s) of atoms and/or bonds to be highlighted.

Output Ports

The input table with an additional column that shows the highlighted atoms and bonds in an SVG molecule graphic.


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