Twitter Followers Search

Given user ID or user screen name, this node searches for followers or follower IDs.

Twitter API accepts a determined amount of requests in a 15 minute windows. For more details see API Rate Limits and Rate Limits: Chart . When searching for followers, the amount of request is limited to 15 (user authentication) or 30 (application authentication), respectively. When searching for follower IDs, the limit is up to 15. See GET followers/list and GET followers/ids .

Please note that Twitter's search service and, by extension, the Search API is not meant to be an exhaustive source of followers or follower IDs. Not all followers and follower IDs will be indexed or made available via the search interface.


The column containing screen names (usually labeled "User") or IDs of twitter users.
followers or follower IDs
Choose you want to search for: followers or IDs of follower.
number of retries
Sometimes Twitter returns a wrong waiting time until the 15 minute time window is reached; therefore the amount of requests is not fully reseted. In this case the waiting time is multiplied by the number of retries. If the number of retries, i.e. the multiplied waiting time, is not sufficient to reset the amount of requests, the execution will be canceled.
return intermediate results
If the number of retries is not sufficient to reset the amount of requests (and therefore the execution is canceled), the results, which were retrieved until this point in time, will be shown in output table.
Provided information about followers. Only available when searching for followers.

Input Ports

Connection to Twitter's API.
Table containing screen names or IDs of twitter users.

Output Ports

Output table with user IDs or user screen names and corresponding information about the followers or follower IDs.


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