Spatial Heatmap

This node will visualize the given data as an interactive heatmap. The selected weight column defines the "heat" of each data point which is visualized on a world map.

The geometric elements are drawn in the order they appear in the input table. For example, if you want to show points within a polygon you want to have the points drawn last on top of the polygon. To do so sort the input table to have polygons as first rows followed by the points.

Please make sure the input table does not contain any rows with missing values.

Find more information about the supported options in folium.plugins.HeatMap.

Find more information about the heatmap algorithm here.


Geometry column

Select the geometry column to visualize.

Color map

Select the color map to use for the heatmap. See branca for more information.

Weight column

Select the weight column to visualize.

Minimum opacity

The minimum opacity the lowest value in the heatmap will have.

Maximum zoom

Zoom level where the points reach maximum intensity (as intensity scales with zoom), equals maxZoom of the map by default.


Radius of each datapoint of the heatmap.


The blur factor that will be applied to all data points. The higher the blur factor is, the smoother the gradients will be.

Base Map Setting

Base map setting for the visualization.

Base map

Select the base map to use for the visualization. If choose Don't show base map, the base map will be hidden. The default base map is OpenStreetMap. See Folium base maps.

Color Legend Settings

Group of settings that define if a color legend is shown on the map and if so how it should be formatted. The color legend is only shown if you have selected a color column.

Show color legend

If checked, the color legend will be shown in the plot.

Legend caption

Set the caption for the color legend. By default, the caption is the name of the selected color column or empty for heat map.

Input Ports


Table with data to visualize

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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Heatmap View
Showing a heatmap with the data


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