This node will visualize the given geometric elements on a map using the visualization framework. This view is highly interactive and allows you to change various aspects of the view within the visualization itself e.g. adding layers and filters. It also allows you to create a filter that creates an animation for a given time series column. For more information about the supported interactions see the user guides.

This node uses the Mapbox GL JS API which for commercial usage might require an access token. If you want to use a different base map, you can configure it inside the interactive view with's UI. You can also configure the Mapbox style you want to use and the access token.

By default, it takes all column information that is included inside the input table. If you want to limit the amount of information sent to the node view you can use one of the column filter nodes to filter the input table.


Geometry column

Select the geometry column to visualize.

Input Ports


Table with geospatial data to visualize

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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Geospatial View
Showing a map with the geospatial data


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