GeoFile Reader

This node reads a single geospatial file from the provided local file path or URL. The supported file formats are the popular data types such as Shapefile (.shp), zipped Shapefiles(.zip) with a single Shapefile, single-layer Geopackage (.gpkg), or GeoJSON (.geojson) files. In addition the node partially supports Keyhole Markup Language (.kml) files or single entry zipped .kmz files. For more details on the limitations when reading these files see here.

Examples of standard local file paths are C:\KNIMEworkspace\test.geojson for Windows and /KNIMEworkspace/test.shp for Linux. The node can also load resources directly from a web URL, for example to load a GeoJSON file from you would enter

Note: For larger files the node progress might not change for a time until the file is successfully read.

The node is based on the GeoPandas project and uses the following related information and functions:


Input file path

The file path for reading data.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports


Geodata from the input file.

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