Geospatial View

This node creates an interactive map view based on the selected geometric elements of the input table. It provides various dialog options to modify the appearance of the view e.g. the base map, shape color and size. The geometric elements are drawn in the order they appear in the input table. For example, if you want to show points within a polygon you want to have the points drawn last on top of the polygon. To do so sort the input table to have polygons as first rows followed by the points.


Geometry column

Select the geometry column to visualize.


Whether to draw strokes along the polygon boundary.

Marker tooltip columns

Select columns which should be shown in the marker tooltips.

Marker popup columns

Select columns which should be shown in the marker popups.

Size Settings

Group of settings that define the size of the geometric objects. The size column should be numerical. The size is fixed by default. If the 'Marker size column' is selected, the 'Marker size scale' option will be ignored, and size will be scaled by the values of the column. For point features, the size is the radius of the circle. For line features, the size is the width of the line. For polygon features, the size is the radius of the centroid of the polygon.

Marker size column

Select marker size column.

Marker size scale

Select the size scale of the markers. If the Marker size column is selected, this option will be ignored. Noticed that the size scale only works for point features.

Coloring Settings

Group of settings that define the coloring of the geometric objects. The color column can be either nominal or numerical. If a numerical column is selected you might want to enable the classification of the numeric values to group them into bins prior to assigning a color to each bin using the color map information. If a nominal column is selected the color map will be used to assign a color to each unique value in the column. Noticed that if a nominal column is selected the classification settings will be ignored.

Marker color column

Select the marker color column to be plotted. If numerical you might want to adapt the classification settings accordingly.

Color map

Select the color map to use for the color column. 'xxx_r' mean the reverse of the 'xxx' color map. See Colormaps in Matplotlib

Classify numerical marker color columns

If checked, a numerical marker color column will be classified using the selected classification method. The 'Number of classes' will be used to determine the number of bins.

Classification method

Select the classification method to use for the selected numerical marker color column.

Number of classes

Select the number of classes used by the classification method.

Base Map Setting

Base map setting for the visualization.

Base map

Select the base map to use for the visualization. If choose 'Don't show base map', the base map will be hidden. The default base map is 'OpenStreetMap'. See Folium base maps.

Color Legend Settings

Group of settings that define if a color legend is shown on the map and if so how it should be formatted. The color legend is only shown if you have selected a color column.

Show color legend

If checked, the color legend will be shown in the plot.

Legend caption

Set the caption for the color legend. By default, the caption is the name of the selected color column or empty for heat map.

Input Ports


Table with geospatial data to visualize

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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Geospatial View
Showing an interactive map with the geospatial data


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