Road Network Isochrone Map

This node calculates the isochrone map for the input point based on the input road network and its travel cost column. It first snaps the input points to the road network, and then uses the function ego_graph in NetworkX to isochrone for the weighted (time or distance) graph.

The input value for the interval list should be selected carefully, it should be within a reasonable boundary of the road network.

The output table contains the isochrone intervals and geometry. The calculation depends on a projected coordinates system of the input road network. If it is not in a projected CRS, it will be projected to epsg:3857. If the input geometry is not a point feature, the centroid will be used. If it contains multiple rows, the total centroid will be applied.


Origin geometry column

Select the geometry column that describes the origin.

Road network geometry column

Select the column which contains the road network data.

Travel cost column from road network

Select the column that contains the travel cost for the road network.

Isochrone intervals (comma separated)

Input an interval list separated by comma e.g. 5,10,15,20,25,30

Input Ports


Input table with geometry.


Input road network with LineString geometry.

Output Ports


Output table with isochrone geometry.

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