P-median Solver

The P-median model, one of the most widely used location models, locates p facilities and allocates demand nodes to them in order to minimize the total weighted distance traveled.

The input table should contain the three types of columns: demand size (e.g., population), distance matrix to candidate facilities, and optionally a column for distance to closest required facilities.

The P-Median problem will be solved using the PuLP package.

The node is based on the package PuLP and here are related tools and references:


Distance columns for candidate facilities

The columns representing the distance matrix between demand lcoation to candidate facilities.

Demand size column

The column for demand size (e.g., population).

Distance column for nearest required facility

The Column indicating distance to the closest required facility.

Optimum p number

The optimum number of facilities.

Input Ports


Table including a demand column and an optional distance column to the closest required facilities.

Output Ports


Candidate columns name and chosen status (1/0).

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