OpenAI Embeddings Connector

This node establishes a connection with an OpenAI Embeddings Model. After successfully authenticating using the OpenAI Authenticator node, you can select an embedding model from a predefined list.

If OpenAI releases a new embeddings model that is not contained in the predefined list, you can select it from the list in the advanced settings which contains all OpenAI models available for your OpenAI API key.


OpenAI Embeddings Selection

Model ID

Select the Ada text embedding model to be used.

Available options:

  • text-search-ada-doc-001: Capable of very simple tasks, usually the fastest model in the GPT-3 series, and lowest cost.
  • text-embedding-ada-002: Capable of straightforward tasks, very fast, and lower cost.
Specific Model ID

Select from a list of all available OpenAI models. The model chosen has to be compatible with OpenAI's Embeddings API.

Input Ports


Validated authentication for OpenAI.

Output Ports


Configured OpenAI Embeddings Model connection.

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