This node downloads geospatial entities’ geometries and attributes from OpenStreetMap. Results returned are the union, not intersection of each individual tag. Each result matches at least one given tag. The place tags should be OSM tags, (e.g., building, landuse, highway, etc) and the value tags should be either True to retrieve all items with the given tag, or a single value to retrieve a single tag-value combination, or a comma separated list of values to get multiple values for the given tag. For example, place tag=building, tag value=True would return all building footprints in the area. Place tag=landuse, tag value=retail, commercial would return all retail and commercial landuses.

The node is based on the OpenStreetMap project and uses the following related information and functions:


Data copyright by OpenStreetMap(ODbl) and provided under CC-BY-SA.To report a problem and contribute to OpenStreetMap click here.Please note the OpenStreetMap licence and attribution guidelines as described here.


Geometry column

Select the geometry column as boundary to get POIs.

Input place tags

The value for tag to specify the type of facilities.

Input value tags

The specific type of facilities, True for all.

Input Ports


Table with geometry used for downloading POIs

Output Ports


POI Geodata from the Open Street Map

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