Google Authenticator

This nodes authenticates to Google services specified in the node settings.

Authentication happens in the configuration window.

After choosing the scopes, one must authenticate using the "Login" button. A pop-up will appear that asks the user to grant access to the selected scopes. If you have already authenticated, the "Login" will test the stored credentials in the selected location.

Access can be revoked at any time by visiting

For details see:


Authentication type
Authentication method to use.
API key format
Which format of API key to use. Google cloud provides API keys as either JSON or P12 (legacy).
JSON file
Path to the private JSON key file.
Service account email
Email address of the service account.
P12 file
Path to the private P12 key file.
How to select scopes
Scopes are permissions that need to be requested during login. They specify what the resulting access token can be used for. This setting defines whether to select scopes from a list of predefined standard scopes or to enter custom scopes manually.
Standard scopes
Choose scopes from a predefined list of standard scopes. Scopes are permissions and define what the resulting access token can be used for.
Custom scopes
Enter a list of custom scopes to request during login. Scopes are permissions and define what the resulting access token can be used for.
Use custom client ID
Enable the option to use custom client ID.
Custom client ID file (JSON format)
The path to a JSON file with the custom client ID.
Clicking on login opens a new browser window/tab which allows to interactively log into the service.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Google credential (access token).

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