Test File System Connector

This node does two things:
  • It initiates a connection to a file system.
  • it (optionally) copies some local files ("fixture files") to the file system.

The file system is configured by the fs-test.properties file, which can be supplied in two ways:

  • By putting it into the root of your KNIME workspace.
  • By setting an environment variable called "KNIME_FS_TEST_PROPERTIES", which specifies the path to the file.
The file system will have a working directory that is created ad-hoc with a unique, randomized name. The working directory and its contents will be recursively deleted when this node is reset or the containing KNIME workflow is closed.

The fixtures files are copied from a local directory, which is also specified in the fs-test.properties file. The contents of the local fixture directory will be recursively copied to a folder called "fixtures" directly below the working directory of the file system.

The purpose of this node is to allow execution of the same testflow for a variety of different file systems.


Fixture upload filter
A filter (either glob or regex) to prune the tree of fixture files to upload. The filter must match a relative path to the fixture file (relative with respect to the local fixture directory). Example filter: "glob:my_csv/*.csv", will upload all *.csv files in the "my_csv" subdirectory of the fixture directory.

The filter syntax is described in the Javadoc of java.nio.file.FileSystem.getPathMatcher().

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

A file system connection which is supposed to be tested.


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