This category contains 26 nodes.

IconFile Stores and Blobs 

Contains nodes to test the handling of file stores in the framework

Block Programmatically Streamable

Uses a lock to hold the execution until a prgrammatic "release" is triggered.

Count Execution Programmatically 

Counts the number of executions. Used in workflow manager unit tests.

Credentials Validate Test 

(Test Framework) Checks the availability of a credentials object and compares it to a an expected value.

Database Connection Closer 

Node that closes the incoming db connection.

Difference Checker Deprecated

Compares the two input tables.

Disturber Node 

Takes the input table, and creates three different output tables from it.

Fail in execution Streamable

Node that fails upon execution.

File Difference Checker 

Compares the two files.

File Difference Checker (Labs) 

Compares the two files.