Local File System Connector

This node provides access to the file system of the local machine. The resulting output port allows downstream nodes to access files, e.g. to read or write, or to perform other file system operations (browse/list files, copy, move, ...).

Note:In many cases it is not necessary to use this connector node to access the local file system. Nodes that require file system access (e.g. the File Reader node) typically provide local file system access, for example by choosing Read from > Local File System. The purpose of this connector node is to make file access with relative paths more flexible, by allowing to explicitly configure the working directory of the resulting file system connection. For example, this makes it easier to relocate (or change) the files that your workflow accesses, because you only need to change the working directory.

Path syntax:The path syntax is identical to the one used by the operating system of the machine where this node is running, e.g. on Windows a path could look like C:\Users\joe.



Use custom working directory
Whether to set a custom working directory or not. Unless this option is set, the working directory will be the home directory of the current operating system user.
Working directory
Specify the working directory of the resulting file system connection, using the Path syntax explained above. The working directory must be specified as an absolute path, for example C:\Users\joe. A working directory allows downstream nodes to access files/folders using relative paths.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Local File System Connection


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