SharePoint Online Connector

This node connects to a SharePoint Online site. The resulting output port allows downstream nodes to access the document libraries of the site as a file system, e.g. to read or write files and folders, or to perform other file system operations (browse/list files, copy, move, ...).

Path syntax: Paths for SharePoint are specified with a UNIX-like syntax, /mylibrary/myfolder/myfile. An absolute for SharePoint consists of:

  1. A leading slash ("/").
  2. Followed by the name of a document library ("mylibrary" in the above example), followed by a slash.
  3. Followed by the path to the file ("myfolder/myfile" in the above example).



SharePoint site
There are three ways to specify SharePoint site:
  • Root site:Connect to the root site of the domain of the current user (see "Microsoft Connection" input port).
  • Web URL:Specify the web URL of a SharePoint site, for example
  • Group site: Connect to the team site of a particular Office 365 group.
If checked, then connect to a (nested) subsite of the SharePoint site specified above. Use the "Refresh" button to list all available subsites of the chosen SharePoint site. Note that this allows you only to access the document libraries of the subsite, not those of the parent site(s).
Working directory
Specify the working directory of the resulting file system connection, using the Path syntax explained above. The working directory must be specified as an absolute path. A working directory allows downstream nodes to access files/folders using relative paths, i.e. paths that do not have a leading slash. The default working directory is the virtual root "/", under which all the document libraries are located.


Connection timeout in seconds
Timeout in seconds to establish a connection or 0 for an infinite timeout.
Read timeout in seconds
Timeout in seconds to read data from an established connection or 0 for an infinite timeout.

Input Ports

A JWT credential as provided by the Microsoft Authenticator node.

Output Ports

SharePoint Online File System Connection.


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