Table Indexer

Creates an index from the input table. Each table row is represented as a document in the index. Each document contains at least one index field which contains the row id. The index might contain more fields depending on the selected table columns to index. The generated index can be searched using the Index Query node.


Columns to index
The columns to index. Only the columns that are added to the index can be used in subsequent nodes.
Save original data
Select yes if the original value of the cell should be part of the index. If the original value is stored the data table can be recreated from the index in the Index Query node. However storing the original value might consume considerably more memory and disc space.
Index type
The "Memory" type keeps the index in the memory and is thus faster but consumes more memory. The "Temporary File"" type caches only parts of the index in the memory and stores the rest in a temporary file. It is thus slower than the memory type but can handle much larger data tables.
No of threads
The number of threads to use for indexing. Decrease this number if you experience memory problems.

Input Ports

The data table to index
Input index.

Output Ports

The index


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