Molecule String Input (legacy)

This node is part of the legacy Quick Form nodes and will be deprecated soon. The replacement for this node can be found in the configuration/widget nodes. For more information on these new nodes see this blog post.

Outputs a molecule string in the specified format. The molecule can also be sketched or its string representation be edited in a quick form (KNIME WebPortal).


A descriptive label that will be shown in, for instance the web portal.
Some lines of description that will be shown in the remote control form, for instance by means of a tooltip.
Hide in Dialog
If the setting should be hidden in the sub node dialog.
Variable Name
Variable identifier.
Parameter Name
Parameter identifier for external parameterization (e.g. batch execution).
The format of the molecule string. Please note that not all molecule sketchers support all formats.
Default Value
The value that is selected by default.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Variable output with the given variable defined.
If sketcher outputs an SVG it can be retrieved here.


Interactive View: Molecule input
Input a molecule.




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