H2O MOJO Predictor (Word Embedding)

This node applies a word embedding MOJO to an input column.

Note: The input will not be stripped, so leading or trailing whitespaces should be removed with a String Manipulation node before prediction if desired.


Word Embedding Settings

Input column
The input column either of type String or Document.
If a String is the input, the content of its cells will be treated as one word to predict, no tokenization will be performed.
If a Document is the input, all of its (already tokenized) words will be predicted. For each word an output row will be created.
Change prediction column name
Change the name of the prediction column.
Fail if a word is not in the vocabulary
If checked, the node will fail if any of the words in the input table is missing in the vocabulary of the MOJO. Otherwise, a warning will be displayed and a missing value will be the output.

Input Ports

The MOJO. Its model category must be word embedding.
Table for prediction. Missing values will be treated as NA .

Output Ports

Table containing the predicted vector.


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