Azure Blob Storage Connector

This node connects to Azure Blob Storage. The resulting output port allows downstream nodes to access the Azure Blob Storage data as a file system, e.g. to read or write files and folders, or to perform other file system operations (browse/list files, copy, move, ...).

This node requires the Microsoft Authentication to perform authentication. The following authentication modes are supported:

  • Interactive Authentication
  • Username/password Authentication
  • Shared key authentication (Azure Storage only)
  • Shared access signature (SAS) authentication (Azure Storage only)

Path syntax: Paths for Azure Blob Storage are specified with a UNIX-like syntax, /mycontainer/myfolder/myfile. An absolute for Azure Blob Storage consists of:

  1. A leading slash (/).
  2. Followed by the name of a container (mycontainer in the above example), followed by a slash.
  3. Followed by the name of an object within the container (myfolder/myfile in the above example).

URI formats: When you apply the Path to URI node to paths coming from this connector, you can create URIs with the following formats:

  1. Shared Access Signature (SAS) URLs which contain credentials, that allow to access files for a certain amount of time (see Azure documentation).
  2. wasbs:// URLs to access Azure Blob Storage from inside Hadoop environments.



Working directory
Specifies the working directory using the path syntax explained above. The working directory must be specified as an absolute path. A working directory allows downstream nodes to access files/folders using relative paths, i.e. paths that do not have a leading slash. If not specified, the default working directory is /.
Normalize paths
Determines if the path normalization should be applied. Path normalization eliminates redundant components of a path like, e.g. /a/../b/./c can be normalized to /b/c. When these redundant components like ../ or . are part of an existing object, then normalization must be deactivated in order to access them properly.


Service calls timeout
The time allowed between sending a request and receiving the response.

Input Ports

Microsoft Connection that provides user authentication.

Output Ports

Azure Blob Storage File System Connection


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