NG Visual Clusterer (beta)

Allows for an interactive clustering on neighborgrams. The data structure needs to be constructed beforehand using the NG Construct node. The accompanying view has different possibilities to alter the current set of accepted clusters; it also allows for an on-the-fly modification of individual clusters.

More (general) information on the neighborgram data structure and the interactive cluster generation can be found in the description of NG Construct&View node and the respective publications.

The model output of this neighborgram is the appropriate input of the neighborgram predictor node.

Note: This node needs to be executed interactively, that means, the user must choose the set of neighborgram clusters in the view and commit his choice by clicking the "Finish" button.

Input Ports

Model from Neighborgram Construct node.

Output Ports

Model containing accepted clusters.


Interactive Neighborgrams
This view displays the neighborgrams. It has various control options.


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