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Bar Chart (JavaScript)

KNIME Dynamically Created JavaScript Nodes version 3.6.1.v201808311942 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

A bar chart based on the NVD3 library.

The node supports custom CSS styling. You can simply put CSS rules into a single string and set it as a flow variable 'customCSS' in the node configuration dialog. You will find the list of available classes and their description on our documentation page.


Category Column
Select the column that contains the category values.
Aggregation Method
Select the aggregation method used on the selected frequency columns. In case of Occurence Count the occurence of the unique values of the selected category columns are determined.
Frequency columns
Select the columns with frequencies for which you wish to plot bars. Note: Missing values in the frequency column will be ignored with a corresponding warning message.
If, after aggregation, some bars or entire categories contain only missing values, they will be excluded from the view and a warning message will be raised.
Report on missing values
Check to get the detailed warning messages in the view about missing values and enable 'Missing values' category. If not checked, missing values will be ignored without raising a warning. 'Missing values' category will not be present.
Include 'Missing values' category
If checked, missing values in the category column will form a separate class named "Missing values". Otherwise they will be ignored.

General Plot Options

Title (*)
The chart title.
Subtitle (*)
The chart subtitle.
Category-axis label (*)
The label used for the category axis.
Frequency-axis label (*)
The label used for the frequency axis.
Chart type
Select how to display the bar chart columns. In Grouped chart one bar indicates a separate value from a column, while in Stacked chart a bar is a stack of all values in a column.
Stagger labels
When checked, the bar chart category legend is rendered in a staggered fashion to allow more room for readability for long category names.
Display legend
When checked, the bar chart legend is displayed.
Plot horizontal bar chart
Check to plot the bar chart horizontally. By default bar chart is plotted with vertical bars.
Display fullscreen button
Check to display a button which switches the view into fullscreen mode. The button is only available in the KNIME WebPortal.
Settings for SVG image generation.
Show warnings in view
If checked, warning messages will be displayed in the view when they occur.

Control Options

Enable view controls
Check to enable controls in the chart.
Enable Grouped/Stacked Chooser
Check to enable the display a control to choose grouped or stacked display of the bars.
Enable plot orientation change
Check to enable interactive toggling between a horizontal or vertical bar chart.
Enable stagger label change
Check to enable editing whether or not the labels for the category axis are rendered staggered.
Enable Title editing
Check to enable the editing of the title within the view.
Enable Subtitle editing
Check to enable the editing of the subtitle within the view.
Enable Axis title editing
Check to enable the editing of the axis titles within the view.
Enable switching 'Missing values' category
Check to enable to show and hide 'Missing values' category in the view.

Interactive View: Grouped Bar Chart

A bar chart based on the NVD3 library.

Input Ports

Data table containing the categories and values to be plotted in a bar chart.
Data table containing one column with the column names of table which has in addition a color assigned. Note: for the "Occurrence Count" aggregation method the column name in the color table should be also "Occurrence Count".

Output Ports

SVG image of the bar chart.

Update Site

To use this node in KNIME, install KNIME Dynamically Created JavaScript Nodes from the following update site:

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