ONNX to TensorFlow Network Converter

Converts an ONNX deep learning model to a TensorFlow model. TensorFlow models can be executed using the TensorFlow Network Executor.
This node uses the Python libraries "onnx" and "onnx-tf". To use this node, make sure that the Python integration is set up correctly (see KNIME Python Integration Installation Guide ) and the libraries "onnx" and "onnx-tf" are installed in the configured Python environment. You can install the libraries into an existing environment by running " pip install onnx onnx-tf ". Alternatively, you can create a new Conda environment with all dependencies of the KNIME Deep Learning Integration on the "Python Deep Learning" preference page (see Setting up Python for KNIME Deep Learning ).

Input Ports

The ONNX deep learning network.

Output Ports

The TensorFlow deep learning network.


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