Distance Matrix Writer

Writes the content of a distance matrix column to an output file or a remote location denoted by a URL. The output file will contain a row key column and a triangular distance matrix, i.e. each row contains the distances to the rows succeeding it.
Note that if the destination location is a remote URL not all options are available because in general it's not possible to determine whether the remote location exists. In this case it will always be overwritten.


Output File
Select the output location here. If the file name ends with ".gz", the file will be compressed.
Distance Matrix Column
Select the column containing the distance values.
Write Column/Row Header
Select this to include column and/or row header.
Separator Char
The character used to separate entries in the table.
Overwrite OK
Check this if an existing file may be overwritten (otherwise the execution will fail to prevent unintentional overwrite)
Writer Lower Triangular Matrix
Write the lower triangular matrix, that is, the first row will contain zero or one entry (depending on whether the diagonal is to be written) and each consecutive row one more entry than the previous row. This option should only be enabled if the distances are symmetric.
Writer Upper Triangular Matrix
Similar to above, just write the upper triangular matrix.
Writer Full Matrix
Write full matrix. This implies that also the diagonal is written and each row will have the same number of entries.
Writer diagonal values
Write also the diagonals when writing one of the triangular matrices.
Chunk Size
Does not have any influence on the outcome. It is used to reduce the amount the table is iterated. Increasing the chunk size will also increase the memory usage.

Input Ports

A table with at least one distance matrix column.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports


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