DB Row Filter

This node allows rows to be filtered from the input DB Data table so that the resulting DB Data table will only contain the rows that match the specified filter conditions.
Within the dialog, an SQL WHERE clause is interactively created by adding and grouping conditions.


This preview shows the filter conditions and their hierarchy. Invalid conditions or groups are displayed in red.
Add Condition
Adds a new condition to the list. If a logical group is selected it will be added to that, if a condition is selected it will be added to its parent group.
Combines the the selected conditions into a new logical group.
Deletes the selected logical group and move its child conditions to its parent.
Deletes the selected group or condition from the list.
Edit condition
Depending on the selected element in the preview list the selected group or condition can be edited.

If a group is selected its logical operator (AND,OR) can be changed.

If a condition is selected at least the column and the operator need to be specified. Further input fields are displayed depending on the selected operator e.g. the equal operator has one input field which allows to enter the value that should be used during comparison. In order to filter all rows that have a missing value in the selected column us the IS NOT NULL operator.
The icon at the end of the input fields fetches the unique values of the selected column and populates the drop-down box of the input field. To prevent memory problems this method is restricted to a fixed number of unique values. If the column contains more unique values a corresponding error message is displayed.

Input Ports

DB Data to apply filtering.

Output Ports

DB Data with matching rows.


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