This category contains 16 nodes.

DB Apply-Binner 

Group numeric data into intervals - called bins.

DB Auto-Binner 

Group numeric data into equidistant intervals - called bins.

DB Column Filter 

The DB Column Filter allows columns to be excluded from the input DB Data object.

DB Column Rename 

Enables you to rename database columns.

DB Column Rename (Regex) 

Renames all columns based on regular expression search & replace a pattern.

DB Concatenate 

Concatenates two database tables.

DB GroupBy 

The DB GroupBy node allows to group by the selected columns and output aggregated data to the generated groups.

DB Joiner 

Joins two DB Data tables

DB Numeric-Binner 

Group numeric data into manually defined intervals - called bins.

DB Partitioning 

The input table is split into two partitions (i.e. row-wise), e.g. train and test data.