Amazon Redshift Cluster Deleter

This node deletes an Amazon Redshift Cluster according to the settings provided.

You can find created snapshots in your AWS management console for Redshift.

For further documentation please take a look at the Redshift Documentation.


Method for authentication
Workflow Credentials
Use workflow credentials to determine the access key ID and the secret access key. The login is used as the access key ID and the password is used as the secret access key.
Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
The AWS access key ID used to authenticate.
The AWS secret access key used to authenticate.
Default Credential Provider Chain
When selected the default credential provider chain is used for authentication. Default location is "~/.aws/credentials" on most platforms.
The Amazon AWS geographical region the cluster should be deleted in.
Polling interval [s]
The interval (in seconds) in which the cluster status should be checked after issuing the delete order.
Cluster name
The name of the cluster
This allows to browse existing clusters. Existing cluster names can then be selected from a list.
Final snapshot name
The name of the final snapshot that can be created when deleting a Redshift cluster.
Skip final snapshot
Whether the creation of the final snapshot should be skipped.

Input Ports

Optional input containing flow variables for parameterization.

Output Ports

This node has no output ports

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