This category contains 9 nodes.

Amazon Redshift Cluster Deleter 

Delete an Amazon Redshift Cluster according to the settings provided.

Amazon Redshift Cluster Launcher 

Creates an Amazon Redshift Cluster.

DB Connection Table Writer 

Writes the input database table into a new database table.

DB Query Extractor 

Extracts the SQL query from the input DB Data port.

DB Query Injector 

Creates a DB Data port from the input DB Connection and a string variable with the SQL query to use.

DB SQL Executor 

Executes custom SQL statement(s) in the database.

DB Table Creator 

This node allows a user to create a new database table either manually or based on the data table specification of a KNIME input data table.

DB Table Remover 

Removes a table from the database using the input DB Connection.

DB Type Mapper 

Enables you to change the database to KNIME type mapping for subsequent nodes.