Amazon DynamoDB Put Item

This node allows conditionally inserting items into DynamoDB using Condition Expression. If no condition is necessary, consider using the DynamoDB Batch Put node, as it handles multiple successive put operations more efficiently.


The region the table is in.
Table Name
The table to access.
Custom Endpoint (*)
A custom endpoint if the default AWS endpoint should not be used, e.g. for DynamoDB Local.
Condition Expression (*)
An expression specifying which items to update. See the AWS Documentation for further information.
Return Values
Which values to return in the output table. Choosing any other value than None may result in consumption of additional read capacity units.
Name Mapping
Mapping from placeholder to attribute name for the condition and update expressions. Placeholders for attribute names must start with a hash (#).
Value Mapping
Mapping from placeholder to value for the condition and update expressions. Value placeholders must start with a colon (:). If the type is list, set, or map, the value must be given as JSON as specified in the AWS Documentation. If COLUMN is selected as type, the value is retrieved from a table column and inserted into the expression.
Publish consumed capacity units as flow variable
If checked, the total number of consumed read and write capacity units is published as flow variable.

Input Ports

Credentials for an AWS account
Table with items to put

Output Ports

Credentials for an AWS account
If return value is ALL_OLD, overwritten items are returned in this table


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