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Kruskal-Wallis Test

KNIME Statistic Nodes (Labs) version 4.2.1.v202008251159 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

The non-parametric, independent Kruskal-Wallis test tests if several groups with ordinal attributes originate from the same distribution.

More information can be found at Kruskal-Wallis test on Wikipedia.

H0: the mean ranks of the groups are the same.
HA: the mean ranks of the groups differ.


Test Column
Column containing independent samples.
Group Column
Column containing group labels.
Missing Value Strategy
Strategy on how missing and Double.NaN values are treated.
  • Fixed: Missing values will be replaced with Double.NaN.
  • Failed: An exception is thrown and the node fails to execute.
  • Maximal: Missing values are considered to be maximal in the ranking.
  • Minimal: Missing values are considered to be minimal in the ranking.

Input Ports

Input table with at least one ordinal column and one nominal column (groups).

Output Ports

Output table with Kruskal-Wallis test statistic, p-Value, and descriptive statistics of group ranks.

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