Shapiro-Wilk Test

The Shapiro-Wilk test tests if a sample comes from a normally distributed population. The test is biased by sample size, so it may yield statistically significant results for any large sample.

This node is applicable for 3 to 5000 samples, but a bias may begin to occur with more than 50 samples.

More information can be found at Shapiro–Wilk test on Wikipedia.

H0: sample comes from a normally distributed population.
HA: sample does not originate from a normally distributed population.


Significance level α
Significance level at which the null hypothesis can be rejected, 0 < α < 1.
Test Columns
The columns to test.
Use Shapiro-Francia for leptokurtic samples
Checks if the samples are leptokurtic, and if so uses Shapiro-Francia. Otherwise, falls back to Shapiro-Wilk.

Input Ports

Input table with one or more numerical columns.

Output Ports

Output table with the Shapiro-Wilk test statistic, p-Value, and acceptance/rejection of H0.


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