Numeric Outliers (Apply)

This node treats outliers in the input data according to the parameters of the model input (typically coming from the Numeric Outliers node). It detects and treats the outliers of all columns in the input data that are also contained in the model input. The detection of the outliers in the input data relies solely on the rules learned by the model.

If required, the node automatically updates the domain of the outlier columns as defined by the input model. Given the case that the node is executed in streaming mode no domain updates will be performed.

Note that all observations belonging to groups not seen by the model will be considered non-outliers.

Input Ports

Model holding the permitted interval bounds for each outlier group and the outlier treatment specifications
Numeric input data to evaluate

Output Ports

Data table where outliers were either replaced or rows containing outliers/non-outliers were removed
Data table holding the number of members, i.e., non-missing values and outliers as well as the lower and upper bound for each outlier groups


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