Subset Matcher

The node matches all subsets of the first input table with all sets of the second input table. The result table contains pairs of matching subsets and sets. The node can be used to find all transactions that match a given list of item sets.

Fuzzy matching: At least one item has to match from the subset!


Subset column
The column that contains the subsets to search for
ID column
The id of the set to search in.
Set column
The column that contains sets to search in
Append set column
The matching set is appended if this option is ticked. A new row is created for each matching set.
Maximum mismatches
The maximum number of allowed mismatches, e.g. 1 allows for one item of the subset to be missing in the set. Default value is 0 were only sets match that contain all items of the subset.

Input Ports

Sets to search in

Output Ports

Matching sets


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