PMML Transformation Appender

In a PMML document transformations applied to the data are documented in a transformation dictionary as so called derived fields. Those derived fields have a name, a reference to the transformed field and a transformation to be applied. This node merges the derived fields of two PMML document so that transformations documented in both are in the transformation dictionary of the new PMML document. The node takes all content from the second document and adds the transformations of the first to its transformation dictionary. Some checks ensure that the first port is the PMML with transformations that come after the ones in the first port. If a field, identified by its name, is present in the first PMML's data dictionary, it must be either in the second PMML's data dictionary or transformation dictionary. If a field is present in the second PMML's data dictionary but not in the first, the documents are incompatible. Additionally neither PMML can have a model.

Input Ports

The first PMML document in the workflow
The second PMML document in the workflow

Output Ports

The merged PMML document


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