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Random Forest Predictor (Regression)

StreamableDecisions Tree Ensembles for KNIME version 4.2.0.v202004061016 by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland

Applies regression from a random forest* model by using the mean of the individual predictions.

(*) RANDOM FORESTS is a registered trademark of Minitab, LLC and is used with Minitab’s permission.


Change prediction column name
Check if you want to alter the name of the column that will contain the prediction.
Prediction column name
Name of the 1st output column. It contains the mean response of all models. A second column with the suffix "(Variance)" is appended containing the variance of all model responses.

Input Ports

A random forest model as produced by Random Forest Learner (Regression) node.
Data to be predicted.

Output Ports

Input data along with prediction columns.

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)



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