Fixed Width File Reader

This node can be used to read data from an ASCII file or URL location. It reads files where a column is defined by the number of characters and not by a column delimiter.
When you open the node's configuration dialog and provide a filename, the reader creates one column. This column shows only the remaining characters in the preview table and won't be appended to the output table.

The preview shows only the first couple of lines. It could happen then, that the preview appears looking fine, but the execution of the Fixed Width File Reader fails.


ASCII file location
Enter a valid file name or URL. When you press ENTER, a preview of the file is shown. You can also choose a previously read file from the drop-down list, or select a file from the "Browse..." dialog.
Preserve user settings
If checked, the checkmarks and column names/types you entered are preserved even if you select a new file. By default, the dialog starts with fresh default settings for each new file location.
Click on add
A new dialog opens where column properties can be set:
  • Number of columns to add: Specify a number of columns you would like to add.
  • Name/Prefix: Set a unique column name or prefix if more than one column should be added.
  • Width: The width of the column in number of characters.
  • Type: Choose a type.
  • Missing Value Pattern: Pattern for which a "missing cell" will be created.
  • DON'T include: The Fixed Width File reader skips this column.
Click on edit
A new dialog opens with the column settings set. Each entry can be changed and the current column will be replaced.
Click on remove
The selected columns will be removed.
Note: You can't remove the first column if "Read RowIDs" is selected.
Read RowIDs
If checked, the first column in the file is used as RowIDs. If not checked, a default row headers are created.
Read column headers
If checked, the items in the first line of the file are used as column names. Otherwise default column names are created.
Click on the table header
If the column header in the preview table is clicked the edit dialog will open.

Input Ports

This node has no input ports

Output Ports

Datatable just read from the file


This node has no views




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