Database Query

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

This node is part of the deprecated database framework. For more information on how to migrate to the new database framework see the migration section of the database documentation.

Modifies the input SQL query from a incoming database connection. The SQL query is represented by the place holder #table# and will be replaced during execute. The new database connection is then available at the out-port. The database connection settings itself are not modified.


SQL Statement
Enter a new database query. Don't remove the #table# place holder which represents the incoming SQL statement.
Additional SQL commands (create, drop, set parameter, etc.) can be added before the actual SELECT statement and are executed together, line-by-line during configure and execute. Note, those additional SQL commands need to be separated by semicolon.
Flow Variable List
The list contains the flow variables that are currently available at the node input. Double clicking any of the entries will insert the respective identifier at the current cursor position (replacing the selection, if any).

Input Ports

Database connection

Output Ports

Database connection with wrapped SQL query


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