Create File Name (legacy)

This node takes a base directory path, a file name, and a file extension to create a new file path. Inputs can be entered in the configure dialog, or optionally set by flow variables. The output is a flow variable, which can typically be used as input for a writer node (e.g CSV Writer, Table Writer, etc).

This legacy file handling node has been replaced by Create File/Folder Variables and will be deprecated in the foreseeable future. For further information about the new file handling framework see the File Handling Guide.


Base directory
Specify the base directory where the file will be located.
File name
Specify the name of the file. Some special characters, such as /, \, ?, *, :, <, >, ", | will be rejected. For Windows platform, a name that resembles any forbidden windows filename will also be rejected. For more information about the forbidden windows filename, please check the Microsoft website .
File extension
Specify the extension of the file. Users can input their own extension if it's not available in the drop-down list. The dot (.) can optionally be included, but is not necessary. In case it is omitted it will be automatically inserted. Note: Only alphanumeric characters are allowed.

Input Ports

Input variables (optional).

Output Ports

Output variable containing the new file name.


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