Exploration/Exploitation Score Combiner

Calculates a combined uncertainty score given two numeric columns, one containing the exploitation and the other containing the exploration scores, and an exploitation factor x . The score is calculated using the formula x * exploitation score + (1 - x) * exploration score .
For more information see the paper by Cebron .


Exploitation score column
The column containing the exploitation score.
Exploration score column
The column containing the exploration score.
Exploitation factor
The weighting factor between the exploration and exploitation scores. The exploration score is weighted with (1- exploitation factor).
Output column name
Set the name of the appended output column.
Missing value handling
Specify the action if a data row of the input contains missing values. If Fail is selected, the node will fail. Otherwise, the node just gives a warning and puts missing values in the output for the corresponding rows.

Input Ports

Data with an exploration score column and an exploitation score column.

Output Ports

Input data with an appended column that contains the combined uncertainty score.


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