Get SP List Items

This nodes returns a list from Sharepoint using the Sharepoint rest v1 API
It requires a given authentication token (for details see GetRestAccessToken Node)
For details on the API see:


SharePoint Online Site URL
Enter the url to your SharePoint Normally the URL looks like:
SharePoint Site Name
The name of your Sharepoint e.g. MySharePoint in
List Title
The Title of the List you want to retrieve (should be unique)
Load all items in list
Enable if you want to load all items of the list (might take long with very large lists)
Item Limit
Select how many items should be retrieved
Loading Order
Select in which order (by creation date) the items should be retrieved
Proxy Options
In case you are behind an internet proxy. Here you can set the internet host and credentials

Input Ports

Optional flow variable input

Output Ports

details of the files and folders


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