Interaction Fingerprint Retriever

KNIME node to retrieve the interaction fingerprint of specific kinase-ligand complexes from KLIFS. This node allows a user to retrieve the interaction fingerprint (IFP) from KLIFS for chemoinformatics analysis. The fingerprint has been corrected for gaps/missing residues within the KLIFS pocket thereby enabling all-against-all comparisons. This functionality allows users, for example, to perform their own interaction pattern similarity analysis, to search for specific interaction patterns, to utilize the interaction patterns in predictive models, and to compare in-house calculated interaction patterns (e.g. from docking studies) to all interaction patterns within KLIFS.


Advanced Options

Base path
Url to use as base path for KLIFS webservice
Timeout in seconds to wait for KLIFS webservice response

Input Ports

Data stream with Structure IDs

Output Ports

Protein-ligand interaction fingerprints for each protein-ligand complex


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