Variable Based MolImporter

This Node Is Deprecated — This node is kept for backwards-compatibility, but the usage in new workflows is no longer recommended. The documentation below might contain more information.

The input file format is guessed automatically. Many different formats are supported like "mol", "rgf", "sdf", "rdf", "csmol", "csrgf", "cssdf", "csrdf", "mol2", "cml", "mrv", "smiles", "cxsmiles", "pdb", "xyz", "cube", "name". MolImporter can also import gzip compressed and base64 encoded structures.


Location variable name
Select the name of the variable that holds the path to the input file.
Check whole file for field names in selected file
To support connecting the corresponding field names and column names, the program will detect field names in the file. If the file is too big, checking may be time consuming. Use the Check whole file for field names in selected file check box and the Number of lines to check input box to decide whether you want the whole file or just a given number of lines to be searched for field names.

Input Ports

No description for this port available.

Output Ports

Output table that contains read structure in Structure(Mrv, Sdf, Smiles, etc.) format.

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