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BARD Projects

BARD Integration version 1.0.1.qualifier by Center for Integrative BioInformatics

Retrieves information about BARD projects.

BARD, the BioAssay Research Database (https://bard.nih.gov/) is a public database and suite of tools developed to provide access to bioassay data produced by the NIH Molecular Libraries Program (MLP).


Get all projects
Retrieves all available projects.
Get projects from PID column
Retrieves projects with PIDs contained in the selected column.

Note: The IDs shown on the website are CAP (Catalog of Assay Protocols) IDs and not the BARD IDs needed here.

Input Ports

Table containing the PIDs.

Output Ports

Table containing the project metadata.
Table containing the project ID together with the conducted experiment IDs and the type of experiment.

Note: List columns can be turned into separate rows using the Ungroup node.

Best Friends (Incoming)

Best Friends (Outgoing)


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