Normalize Plates (B-Score)

Each plate will be normalized by applying the B score. The B score algorithm uses an iterative 'median polish' procedure.

In brief, the algorithm uses robust plate, row and column estimates to eliminate plate, row and column position biases that result e.g. from egde effects.

Literature: Brideau et al., J Biomol Screen 2003; 8; 634, Tukey JW, Exploratory Data Analysis. Reading (MA): Addison-Wesley, 1977.

Note: The node expects the presence of integer columns named 'plateRow' and 'plateColumn' containing the well position.


Group wells by
Select the column to define the plates (e.g. "barcode").
Select the columns with data to be normalized.
Replace existing values
If checked the raw values will be replaced by the normalized values. Otherwise columns with the normalized values will be appended (.bscore).

Input Ports

Input table

Output Ports

Table with normalized values


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