XLS Data Reader

Loads laboratory test data from a Microsoft Excel (XLS) file, stored for example as time series of bacterial cell counts for a specific organism-matrix combination with defined test conditions concerning temperature (temp), pH value (ph) and/or water activity (aw).


XLS File
Specify the XLS file. Please set up a chart with data in columns. The first row should contain the column headline. Use one column for ID (for every time series a different ID) and then at least columns for value and time.
If the file contains several spreadsheets the desired one can be selected here.
Assign a reference from the internal database to the time series. In order choose your own reference this needs to be entered manually by clicking on the green '+' button. Another option is to enter the database via 'PMM-Lab' -> 'Open DB GUI...' where also *.ris files can be imported.
Organism / Matrix
Choose a column from the XLS file and assign to every organism / matrix one equivalent from the internal database.
XLS Column -> PMM-Lab assignments
Assign to every column header from the Excel sheet (on the left) a column from the database table 'Test conditions' via the drop-down menus. For time and environmental conditions (e.g. temperature) units need to be assigned.

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